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Advocacy for Victims of Ritual Abuse: Please go to my updated site:


Donations may be made to help Ritual Abuse Survivors through:
Gentle Shepherd Ministries, Inc.
217 SE Adams Blvd., Bartlesville, OK 74003
Phone: 918-338-8978 Email:

Gentle Shepherd Ministries is a non-profit corporation created to do four things:

1. To gently minister, through a prayer process, to those with life problems (emotional, spiritual, and physical) including fear, depression, anger, and condemnation.

2. To gently minister, through a prayer process, to those experiencing family, marriage, and/or divorce issues, hurts, and problems.

3. To gently minister, through a prayer process, to survivors of sexual and/or ritual abuse and to help prepare them for deprogramming and healing.

4. To train individuals and the church in how to minister effectively through prayer to those caught up in life problems and to educate the church, counselors, therapists, and other helping ministries in the reality and severity of ritual abuse and how to help.

Presently about 90% of the individuals we are helping are survivors of ritual abuse. Often, by the time these individuals come for help they are desperate, fiancially broke, and emotionally and often physically in great stress. Because of the ritual abuse and programming incurred from birth on, these individuals need months of help to prepare them for the deprogramming process and then months of follow-up afterwards. The costs of help, ministry, and counseling is often more than a survivor can handle and the week long deprogramming session costs approximately $5,000 by the time you add in airfare, hotel, rental car, food, and deprogramming fees (30 hours of consultation).

Ritual Abuse Survivors need financial help to get free and healed. While many counselors and therapists lower their fees and often give them time freely, they cannot do this for the number of survivors who need help nor can they pay for the weeklong deprogramming process and combined costs.

Gentle Shepherd Ministries has set up a Survivors Fund that individuals and business can donate to and receive a tax write-off. The donations go towards the help and healing of ritual abuse survivors. Monies donated to this account are only used for ritual abuse survivors, their weekly/monthly counseling/ministry sessions and for the weeklong deprogramming process.

Gentle Shepherd Ministries (GSM) networks with other counselors, therapists, and consultants working with ritual abuse survivors and monies given to this fund are sent to help the survivors they are working with also (including helping Dr. Lacter's clients pay for the deprogramming process).

Ritual Abuse Survivors need help to get free and healed. When you help a survivor, you dont just help one individual, you help a generation of individuals because ritual abuse is multi-generational. One survivor's freedom can lead to the freedom of an entire family (mother, father, and children).

How to Help!

If you would like to financially help with the freedom of healing of ritual abuse survivors, you may send financial donations (monthly donations or special donations) to: Gentle Shepherd Ministries, 217 SE Adams Blvd., Bartlesville, OK 74003. These gifts are tax deductible, just be sure to note that your gift is for the Survivors Fund.

If you would like to use a credit card, you may mail your credit card information (Card type, number, expiration date, and your zip code) to Gentle Shepherd Ministries or email the information to:

About the Founder and President of Gentle Shepherd Ministries: Dr. Jim Musgrave:

I am not a licensed therapist or counselor. I spent nine years as a missionary with Campus Crusade for Christ and then Youth With A Mission. I then spent the next nine years as a pastor. On the journey of ministry I earned two doctorates, two masters and before pursing ministry earned two undergraduate degrees. One doctorate (D.Min) was in Christian Counseling from American Bible College and Seminary in Oklahoma City, OK and the other doctorate was a D.Min in Discipleship through Small Groups from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, IL.

During my time of ministering as a pastor I began to be concerned with a better way to help people deal with the problems and issues in their lives that seemed to be causing major difficulties in their walk with God as well as in life. I pursued some counseling courses and even learned to refer people to licensed counselors, but still, many people were not getting the help they needed and still many more would not go to professional counseling.

I began to look into other avenues to help better help people by taking classes, attending seminars and schools: Dr. Neil Andersons, Freedom in Christ (Steps to Freedom); David and Linda Olson's, (Listening Prayer); John and Paula Sandford's, Elijah House Ministries, (Video School of Prayer); Art Zeilstra's, Cornerstone Christian Counselling Center, (Prayer Counseling) and Dr. Ed Smith's, (Theophostic Ministry Training).

In the process of prayer counseling/ministry I began to have people come to me who had been ritually abused or who were dissociative, so I began to try to find out more on how to help these individuals. I took Art Zieltra's Cornerstone Christian Counseling Centers seminar on Prayer Healing - Dissociation and Dissociative Identity Disorder; Dr. Tom Hawkins' Restoration in Christ (Restoring Shattered Lives Seminar); and Steve Oglevie's, New Horizon, Mind Control Seminar.

As I continued to work with individuals who were survivors of ritual abuse I began to take them for the weeklong deprogramming session with Steve Oglevie. Because of the excellent results from these sessions I began training under Steve Oglevie by taking survivors to see him. I have been working with Steve for almost three years and continue to learn more and more on how to effectively help ritual abuse survivors and see them brought to freedom and healing.